Nutty Banana Cabana

What you need for two cabanas

2 slices of (whole or rye) bread, toasted
1 small banana cut into thick slices
1 teaspoonful of pine nuts or shaved almonds*
1 tablespoon of low-fat ricotta cheese
1 teaspoon of liquid honey.

* In the case of allergies, substitute the nuts with crunchy, dark chocolate chips.


What to do

Spread the ricotta on one side
of both toasted slices of bread.
Cover the ricotta of one slice, with the banana and the nuts,
drizzle with the honey and cover with the other slice.
Halve into two triangles for easier handling.
You will go nuts for this delicious, crunchy treat!




Bananas, one of the “Miracle Foods,” are nutritious fruits, rich in vegetable carbohydrates which, providing energy and with the help of potassium, strengthen your muscles, and are especially beneficial to growing children and athletes. Bananas contain many vitamins ( B2 and B6, A, C), which help removing toxins from your body, maintain the skin healthy and looking younger, and your nails strong. They also contain zinc, which strengthens your hair.
Bananas have more calories than other fruits, but they are very satisfying, so you will eat less of them, and they are not at all fattening. In fact, they are very digestible, good for your intestines, and help balancing the water in your body.
The phosphorus contained in bananas strengthens your mind and helps students and older people to increase their memory.