Hello there! Are you a word nut too?
We sure hope so, because we found a great new word for you!
It is ‘mindfulness’! It is a beautiful word! What does it mean?

Somebody mindful is he/she who pays attention to others in a kind, friendly way.
They are thoughtful and aware of what makes others feel comfortable and welcome.

If, at the playground, a child sees another by herself, with nobody to play with,
and asks her to join him and play together, he is mindful.
He saw the other kid alone, and probably sad about it,
and made sure to make her feel welcome and happy.
If mom is tired and a kid offers her help to clean up the kitchen after a meal, he is mindful.
Mom takes care of everybody and, in this case, the kid makes sure to alleviate her tiredness, and take care of her.

In which other ways can you be mindful towards your family and friends?