Hola! That’s Spanish for ‘Hi!’

I am feeling crrrunchy, very enerrrgetic and frrresh today!

My best amigo Charles loves to rrroll his Rs with me and calls me Brrruno or, sometimes, Superrr Brrruno, probably because I’m always protecting my friends from bullies.

I love soccer! I’m always ready to take on new fantastic challenges and, well YES! I enjoy to occasionally prank my friends.

I am very energetic but I also like to slow down, especially to learn about insects! Insects are so interesting! My favorites are buzzing-busy bees. When I grow up I want to be a bee-keeper.

Okay, time to buzzzzz away now.

Hasta luego!

Your amigo Bruno

P.S: ‘Hasta luego!’ means ‘See you soon!’, and ‘amigo’ means ‘friend’ in Spanish.









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