Scott Soda exploding

Shhhhh….I’m talking to you in such a soft voice because my bubbles are sleeping and you do not want to wake them up or they…FIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ…OH, NO!!! Don’t shake my hand!


OH MY! Sorry about that…it happens all the time! I am pretty sensitive and when I meet new people, or feel stressed, surprised or somebody shakes me, my soda bubbles get out of control…..and I end up BIM-BUM-BANG-KABOOMMMing everything and everybody with my crazy fizzy bubbles.

OOOPS! So sorry…AGAIN!

I know, I should try to stick to calm activities, like painting, which I really enjoy! I’m shy but I love people, and am sooo curious! Observing the neighborhood also inspires my art. I aspire to become a famous artist who exhibits around the world!

Well, better figure out how to get this crazy bubble-KABOOMMMing thingy under control before I travel much… What do you think?

Luv ya, Scott









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