Hello there! Are you a word nut too?
We sure hope so, because we found a great new word for you!
It is ‘affectionately’! It is a beautiful word! What does it mean?

It comes from affection, which means love, fondness.
In one of our stories, Hot Dog Doug’s baby cousins,
Sonia, Sam, and Sue, are affectionately called ‘pigs in a blanket.’
They are cute and lovable, and the other foods address them with fondness.

Who can you think of in an affectionate way?
Somebody you love, are fond of, and you are happy to have in your life.
Mom, Dad? What about grandmother, a brother or sister,
a special friend or teacher?
We are lucky; there are so many people we can think of affectionately,
and who think affectionately about us!