Celery Charles

Hi there! How do you do?

I can tell that you are a smart kid! I need your opinion: what do you think of my soft peanut butter shirt with raisin buttons? Do you think it’s a good look for a tall stick like me?

I hope Strawberry Scarlett likes it! She is so smart, and sooo pretty! I love planning activities with her! With all my other friends too, not just Scarlett, but she is the sweetest, smartest strawberry on the planet. And maybe even in space!!!

I love playing outdoors with my friends. I could be outdoors all the time, but I also like to stay inside, especially when it’s time to try out a new recipe with fresh ingredients. Becoming a famous chef is one of my many plans for the future. That’s because eating well, being strong and having fun are really important to me!

Happy to see you here, enjoy your reading! And always remember:
Eat well, be well, have fun!

Your friend, Charles










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