Seven Nuts

Hi there! We are seven nuts and we call ourselves the Word Nuts because we are Nuts about Words

But before I tell you about words, let me tell you about us.

My name is Walnut Walle and I’m the supervisor of this nutty merry bunch. What do supervisors do? They supervise, that’s what they do.

For example, I make sure that our chatty Almond Allia, a bit of a busybody, doesn’t annoy the others all the time. She tends to get on the nerves of young, flirty and oh so touchy Peanut Penny. Cashew Cash helps me out by being cheerful, especially by cheering up grumpy Hans Hazel, who gets even grumpier when Pete Pistachio, a tireless joker, pulls a prank on him. Our Pete can be a bit silly sometimes, but not as much as the youngest and messiest of our bunch, Pine Nut Pino!

Me? Well, being the supervisor of this bunch of merry nuts is quite the balancing act, but I wouldn’t trade my job for all the squirrels in the world! The best part of my day, though, is to work with my nutty friends to find new words for you! A special new word will be ready for you in every story. Check it out! I can’t wait to share our next new word with you!


Walnut Walle




Btw: Fred suggested we, the Word Nuts, explain the meaning of ‘sidekick’ to you. A sidekick is a helper or assistant to the person in charge. In this case, Fred wants all of us to know that he is not a sidekick to Queen B, but, in fact, he is very well-liked and a leader in his own right.



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