Hi ya’ll! It’s me, Fred!

I would really appreciate it if you didn’t ask for a ‘side of fries’ when I’m around! The ‘side’ part makes me feel unimportant, when I KNOW that I AM EVERYBODY’s FAVORITE FAST FOOD!

I hope you are hearing this, Bernice! I am NO SIDEKICK to NO-body!

Don’t know what a sidekick is? Oh boy! Time to ask the Word Nuts, then. They are nutty about words and will love to tell you what ‘sidekick’ means!

I know I can be a great leader, and that you’ll have great fun when I’m in charge! I am really popular and am invited to lots of parties.

What do you think of the idea of shooting pictures of everything you like?

I love that! I am always looking for the opportunity to practice taking pictures, to become the best photographer there ever was! Then, I will be a leader for sure! Eat your loud voice out, Bernice!

Toot, Toot to you!








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