About Alessandra

I was born and raised in Florence, one of the most praised cradles of Italian art.

After a degree in Visual Arts and Graphic Design from the Accademia Cappiello, I have experimented with various techniques and applications, practicing graphic and fabric design as well as designing labels for prestigious wines from the famous Chianti area.

My experience has spanned from Florence, where I worked for Architectural Studios and the renowned Couture Sportswear Firm ‘Count of Florence’, to a Fabric Design Studio based in New York.

While raising my family, I created ‘Antologia di Sassi’ (‘The Stones’ Anthology’, acalamai.com). My paintings are in private collections in Tuscany, Rome, Milan, Lecce, Switzerland, New York, NY, the Hamptons, NY, Vail, CO, and Watch Hill, RI.

Writing and illustrating children books has been in the back of my mind for a while, and I have enthusiastically embarked on this new and exciting enterprise.